The best potato salad

July 21st, 2013 § 1 comment § permalink

Finally the new potatoes have made their comeback on the market stalls.
New potatoes are my favorite, with that super thin layer of skin still on. It gives them an almost nutty flavor.
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These skirts who makes the world go round…

April 11th, 2010 § 2 comments § permalink

I’ve always loved that song from the French singer Alain Souchon “Sous les jupes des filles” (Under girls’ skirts… nothing naughty I swear!). It’s fresh like an early spring day with its -maybe cheesy but so poetically refreshing- message that as long as there are girls and women walking around the world with skirts there is a sparkle of light in the eyes of men when the breeze lift them up, hope for a better world!

Since I live in the Netherlands, Souchon is back whispering in my head every spring, when on the first warm sunny day, skirts blossom on all the terraces. The Dutch even have a name for that day. It’s “rokjesdag”, skirt day! It’s quite a big thing back here: They talk about it at work, on TV and in the newspapers. The true beginning of the Dutch Spring! And of course, the start for the girly magazine competition for the publication of the best miracle/no hassle/ecofriendly diet that will get you back in no time in those short little skirts without the fluffy protective winter layer accumulated through the Christmas period (and Easter)….

Luckily, no need to rush: I had to laugh when I discovered that some of the Dutch weather forecast websites even provide a skirt weather indicator, just as they have a UV or allergy indicator! Handy though, I must admit! My skirts and dresses are back in my wardrobe waiting impatiently for the next index 7 or 8 on the skirt weather index. In the mean time, I do my Pilates with dedication and I’ve got the perfect little salad to keep me waiting without guilt for the perfect skirt day while browsing through the new spring fashion in the magazines: It’s crunchy, it’s fresh and it smells and tastes like Spring! Perfect for your lunch basket, you can prepare it in advance and it will be a perfect match with steamed fish, smoked salmon or a chicken sandwich.

Fennel, celery and apple salad

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Farniente and summer greens

August 16th, 2008 § 0 comments § permalink

I had big plans for my kitchen diaries this summer. Somehow I always tend to have big plans for everything and far too little time to realise them. As my mom says: my eyes are always bigger than my stomach! Unfortunately, I’ve kind of overdone it the last years and especially the last 8 months.

Now, there’s no choice, it’s time to recharge the batteries… From time to time I miss the rush of adrenaline I have when juggling with ten things at a time. But I must say, farniente is good… Sometimes lazyness is just necessary. Luckily there’s no better time than summer for a little farniente and I hope you’re allowing yourself a little bit of it too.

My kitchen is taking a little bit of rest too, although it still has to deal with my latest crave for sunny and summery greens. I’ve managed to save you a bite from our last barbecue: easy and sunny salads with a definite meditterranean touch… Here are two of them for a start*.
Enjoy and don’t forget to take it easy!


Morrocan greens
Salade de poivrons et tomates a la marocaine (recipe will come later), salade de courgettes a la menthe et carrotes au cumin et a la coriandre… had a hard time saving you a bite!

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Moroccan greens

April 19th, 2006 § 0 comments § permalink

It is about two years since I last went to Morocco. I didn’t realise how much I missed it until I stepped out of the plane in casablanca airport. I had never been there in spring before. I was very happily surprised Morrocco in spring is more beautiful than ever: It is warm and sunny, and calm. The flowers are more colourful and fragrant than ever, it’s already warm enough for the still empty beaches and the old medina is not packed with red tourists in shorts and sandals. Several times during these five short days, I felt I could stay there for ever… until I woke up during landing to finally discover Amsterdam after crossing 3 layers of dark grey clouds. Brrrrrr!   

From my trip to paradise, I brought you back a little something… A fragrant and tender green salad to eat while dreaming of heaven. Enjoy!


Tender green salad
Salade vert tendre

2 pers. prep: 10 min, cooking: 10min


1 small cucumber (they are called turkish cucumber in Holland)
1 small fennel bulb
a small handful of fresh mint
half of a lemon 1 spring onion
1 Ts goat cheese dip (or fresh goat cheese)
sea salt, pepper
Clean the fennel, peel the cucumber and remove its seeds. Cut the cucumber, fennel, spring onion into small cubes. For the dressing, mix the goat cheese, the juice of the lemon, the chopped mint. Add to the vegetables and season with seasalt (“fleur de sel” is a plus) and peper. Leave to marinate in a cool place while preparing the rest of the meal.
If you happen to have the traditional morrocan lemons around (citron beeldi), it will definitely take you to heaven!
Bon appetit!

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