Happy Easter… Chocolate and almond truffles

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almond chocolate truffle

Chocolate and almond truffles

A couple more truffles for the road… just in case you’ve lost some eggs and hares in the garden… with dark chocolate and almonds, s’il vous plait!
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Chocolate and other addictions…

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Chocolaterie Van der Donk [1]

It’s been 30 days,

too many chewed lollipop sticks,

and supposedly 166.73 Euros spared,…

since I discovered my new chocolate heaven, the Chocolaterie from Pimm and Marcel van der Donk.

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Sweet thanks to a cooking diva

November 23rd, 2010 § 2 comments § permalink

Last Thursday, I got to experience my very first Thanksgiving dinner experience ever at my favorite ‘Yankee’ cooking diva, A.

Mes amis, what a lovely and scrumptious dinner! Since then, I’ve been wondering how I could put together a special little thank you to my adorable and generous friend. Until I remembered how A. loves her chocolate…

Chocolate and cranberry cake [3]
Luscious molten chocolate for a cooking diva!

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Can’t help it, the lazy gourmande has “Les yeux plus grands que le ventre” (literally, the eyes bigger than the belly). What can I say, eye-dropping on mouthwatering foodporn is one of my nifty pleasures and without saying a great source of inspiration…

Here ‘s my latest ‘foodielicious’ top 3 drools …


Picture by Mas Alla de 365 sonrisas

Marta’s mouthwatering gluten free Chestnut cake with chocolate frosting [inspired by yours truly… makes me feel so proud!] – check out her blog ‘Mas alla de 365 sonrisas’ (More than 365 smiles) for the recipe and many more droolworthy treats.


A spoonful of cheese!

My favorite cheese, the sexy ‘Mont d’or’ is in season again, and the cutest cheese lover ever, aka the cheesist, will tell you all about this creamy velvety pillowy cheese while I finish licking my spoon… and if you’re good she might even hook you up with the best cheese game ever!


Feasting like a sweet yankee!
Picture from Sweet Paul Magazine, holiday 2010- issue 3,Thanksgiving Treats

Lovely yummy Thanksgiving treats cooked up just for us by food and prop stylist Sweet Paul & friends in the third edition of his excitingly sweet and stylish online magazine.


Happy drooling!

*Warning: Eye dropping on mouthwatering foodporn may become addictive and occasion side effects such as the occasional drool, stomach growl or cooking crave… ūüėČ

Chocolate crave remedy

December 8th, 2009 § 1 comment § permalink

After going public on my shopaholic and pumpkinaholic tendencies, it’s time to reveal you all about my chocolate craves… Yep, it seems that I’ve decided to indulge myself into a public mea culpa of my girly addictions before the end of this year.

Two weeks ago, while I was sharing with you the side effects of poached pears and warm chocolate sauce on my metabolism, I promised to come back to you with the recipe of a warm chocolate fondant. I know, the stakes are high: there are tons of delicious recipes out there for chocolate fondants (melt-in-your-mouth ), moelleux (moist, airy and tender), coulants (oozing lava cakes), macarons (I’ll come back on these ones soon enough) , cupcakes, muffins, cookies…. I must say, I’m not easy on the subject but given you come up to me with something very rich in high quality chocolate, not too sweet, and that will melt in my mouth, you might win my heart and stomach forever.

Chocolate addiction 1

The recipe I’m about to share with you is freely inspired from a french Elle A Table recipe. It won me over for the following reasons (apart from the above mentioned): it only takes a couple of ingredients, it’s ready in less than 15 minutes and it accommodates as well as a “fondant” or a “coulant”…. to sum up: the perfect chocolate crave remedy (and the perfect partner for poached pears).

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When Sinterklaas goes multicultural

December 5th, 2009 § 1 comment § permalink

In the Netherlands, tradition wants that Sinterklaas brings chocolate letters to everyone on 5 December. The inspector gadget among my friends, got me my initial, M, in Arabic calligraphy, made of chocolate of course! Pretty cool…

Chocolate Letter

Thanks B!

Sexy pears

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Whenever I come around the mouthwatering combination of poached pears and silky chocolate sauce, I can’t help but feeling butterflies in my belly. Not surprising, you would think, for a gourmande like me.

Well, not this kind of butterflies I must admit (blushing)… Couldn’t really explain why though until I stumbled upon that vintage french advertisement from the eighties for a world famous chocolate brand, and then I remembered: the very first awakening of my sensuality taste buds…

Ok, maybe that’s a bit cheesy… but, well, I was still very young and naive back in the eighties. And honestly, will the poached pears/chocolate sauce combi ever taste the same way to you after this? Let’s make a test…

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Le Yasmine or my secret thing for pastry

December 17th, 2008 § 1 comment § permalink

My¬†passion for food and cooking¬†is definitely inspired from¬†watching my mom lovingly and passionately preparing all those marvelous dishes that tinkled my tastebuds for so many years. My mom’s kitchen is one of inspiration, emotion and¬† improvisation. It’s a little bit of this and a lot of that,¬†put together in a fling and¬†cooked¬†lovingly until perfect. There’s no definite measures and quantities, no arbitrary times… Just emotions. That’s how I learned to cook and that’s how I like to cook too (although¬†when starting this blog¬†I’ve had to learn weighing, measuring and writing down everything).

And then there’s pastry….


Le Yasmine (2)
Pour Yasmine et papa, with love…

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Missing chocolate…

July 16th, 2008 § 3 comments § permalink

Les Chocolats d'Adrien 

I was updating my recipe index while regularly picking in the box of exquisite¬†chocolates from Adrien et Chocolat¬†that a friendly soul just brought me,¬†when I was struck by a deranging reality…

There’s¬†NO chocolate on my kitchen diaries!

Luckily enough, today is the perfect day to offer you my redemption: one of my dearest friends and accessorily a merciless chocolate addict (you know who you are) is having her birthday today. Plus, the recipe of the last minute chocolate cake I improvised a couple of days ago is still fresh in my mind: A fragile little thing that will melt in your mouth and bring you close to chocolate climax (at least it worked for me).

So here’s to the birthday girl (and to the friendly soul who introduced me to the chocolates of Adrien)!

Last minute chocolate cake
Hail the birthday girl: Gateau au chocolat de derniere minute

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Cooking freak and tea-time sweets

May 29th, 2006 § 0 comments § permalink

I love throwing parties! My mediterranean side is deeply dominant in that matter. Problem is: I always overdo it and end up spending my time in the kitchen, or serving people. Before I notice the evening is gone and I haven’t taken the time to sip one of my cocktails and chatt with my guests. This year, for my birthday party, I decided it would be different. I would enjoy my party from the beginning until the end… even if that meant serving beer and peanuts! Ha ha… Of course, I didn’t resist. I overdid it again. Less than usual I swear! At least, I had everything ready before hand and I prepared self service bites with among others: marinated gambas, aubergine and herb dips, mini vegetables, merguez, dutch cheese and grape skewers, morrocan lamb skewers, strawberries and cream, and mini sweet bites… and a Punch. Peanuts, I told you!

Unfortunately, I was so busy preparing everything that I completely forgot about my blog and camera! And there were no leftovers the next day… so, no food picture this time!

However, I did save a selection of sweet bites in prevision of this post. This is also the perfect occasion to inaugurate the beautiful Eva Solo teapot I got as a present from two of my girlfriends… I couldn’t resist showing it off a little!

My new Eva Solo teapot, and a selection of sweet bites:
chestnut/chocolate (right), almond/pear(left) and lemon squares (top)

For the sweet bites, I got hold of my brand new silicon mould and inspired myself from two talented french bloggers who always have an amazing selection of sweets on their blog: Le palais des Delices from Celine and La popotte de Manue.¬† From Celine, I borrowed her recipes of chestnut bites to which I added chocolate bits, and lemon squares. For the pear and almond bites, I used the base of Manue’s heavenly tartlets. They were all delicious, especially the chestnut bites. If you read french I suggest you have a look at theit posts for the recipes. For the others, the translations (with a few personal twists) are at the end of the post.

One more picture for the road:


Chestnut and chocolate bites
(inspired from Celine’s “bouchons aux marrons”)

For approximatly 50 mini bites, prep. 10 min, cooking: 25min

500g chestnut cream (I bought my “creme de marron” in France)
3 eggs
80g butter
small chunks of your favourite chocolate
that’s it!

Preheat your oven at 175 deg. Melt the butter. Pour the chestnut cream, butter in a bowl and mix until smooth. Then add the eggs and¬† mix again until smooth. Don’t add any sugar, the chestnut cream is more than sweet enough! Pour into mini moulds (I highly recommend good quality silicon moulds as they will make your life so much easier for unmoulding). If like me you are a chocolate addict, add a small chunk of chocolate in each bite and bake for 25 min at 175deg. Leave to cool before unmoulding. Celine suggest serving them cold.


Pear and almond bites
(inspired from Manue’s “divines tartelettes”)

For approximatly 40 mini bites, prep. 10 min, cooking: 20min

100g powdered almonds
50g flour
100g sugar
1/2 a vanilla pod

3 egg whites + 1 whole egg
80g butter
a pinch of salt
2 or 3 pears

Preheat your oven at 180 deg. Melt the butter. Peel and slice the pears into small slices fitting your moulds. Count 2 to 3 slices per bite. Mix the almonds, the flour, the sugar, the seeds from the vanilla pod and the pinch of salt. Then add the eggs and  mix. Finally, add the melted butter and mix until smooth. Pour into mini moulds. Add the pear slices on top of each mini moulds and bake for 20 min. Leave to cool before unmoulding.

Lemon squares
(taken from Celine’s “carres au citron”, no personal twist)

For 36 mini bites, prep. 15 min, cooking: 15 + 20min Ingredients:
125g butter

40g glazing sugar
150g + 35g flour
125ml lemon juice
The zest of a lemon

1. Preheat your oven at 180 deg. Cover a rectangular mould with a shit of baking paper. 2.In your food processor, mix the butter and glazing sugar until you get a smooth cream.Melt the butter. Pour the chestnut cream, butter in a bowl and mix until smooth. Then incorporate the flour. Garnish the mould with the dough. The dough layer should be smooth and regular. Bake for 15min. The cake should be slightly golden. 3. In your food processor, mix the eggs, the sugar, the rest of the flour, the lemon juice and zest. Pour on the rectangular basis, still warm and bake for 20 min. The cake has to be firm. Leave to cool in the mould.4. Cut into squares and sprinkle with glazing sugar.

Bon appétit!

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