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Welcome in my kitchen!

Here’s a bit of the who, why, how and what there is behind my kitchen diaries…

The girl in the kitchen

La Gourmande: c’est moi, Myriam. I am a half french/half morrocan foodie, daughter of a passionate home cook and an expert in chemistry/amateur patissier.

I love everything about FOOOOOD! I’ve been a gourmande for longer that I can remember (the baby girl diving in her 1st year birhday cake to get the strawberry… yep, that’s me!), and I’ve been cooking for as long a I could clean up the kitchen after me (says mom, although she’d let me give her hand long before that). All in all, I feel that ‘Gourmandise’ is a wonderful way of life and I kind of like spreading the idea!

Some 10 years ago, engineering diploma in hand and full of ambitions and dreams of european citizenship, I left France for a country we familiarly call “l’autre pays du fromage” (no, we french are not food oriented chauvinists) – I mean, the Netherlands…

After some time, the rain , the too-pragmatic-and-too-tall dutch guys and the strange food got me thinking if this was really a country for a small woman from the south like me. That was until I found my own pragmatic-and-very-tall(-only-half) dutch guy, aka le dutchie! And I stayed…

In the end of 2005, exploring the web for a recipe, I discovered the wonderful world of the french cooking blogs. It was love at first sight: I got addicted to the many wonders of the foodblog community and started dreaming of my very own food blog. My kitchen diaries was born in 2006.

Since the end of 2011, I am the very proud ‘maman’ of a baby boy, aka ‘Petit Tom’, who is already a ‘grand gourmand’!

In the summer 2012, I made a big jump… and decided to cook for a living. I am now the homecook coach behind FoodMoodz . My ambition is to bring back people in their kitchen and show them how to cook the food that fits them. How: with culinary makeovers, cooking workshops, food writing and recipe development.

What you will find in my kitchen daries

A glimpse of my passion for food, my gourmandise, my curiosity… I strongly believe that good food is not just about recipes. It is a wonderful adventure with a story behind it… a story about people, passion and products.

My kitchen diaries is about everything that makes me hungry and happy! A diary of what happens in and around the centerpiece of my household… the kitchen.
It is a pretty wide scope: ranging from nostalgic pancake anecdotes out of my childhood, to my efforts to mingle with the locals or my culinary adventures when on the road, as well as the recipes that these adventures inspired me. You’ll definitely also hear me complain a bit too much about the weather… sorry, it seems that I can’t help it!

You can browse through my latest recipes via the photo index on the left or through the cloud of gourmandise at the bottom of the right sidebar to get directly to related posts with an ingredient or theme that inspires you. Also you will find a detailed recipe index on the ‘Menu’.

There is a dedicated page for food shopping tips in holland and elsewhere.

Unless mentioned otherwise, all text and pictures are home-brewed and are property of My Kitchen Diaries © 2006-2012. Contact me if you are interested in re-using/licensing any of it. I won’t mind (and might even be flattered) mentions and short excerpts when properly linked and attributed.

Bienvenue dans ma cuisine et bon appétit!



16 November 2012

ps. I’d love to hear what you think about my kitchen diaries, FoodMoodz and my cooking adventures! Do not hesitate to leave me a word in the comments, per email or on FB!

§ 8 Responses to La gourmande"

  • Lisa says:

    It’s funny, I have visited your blog several times and now only after reading this do I understand that you are half Arabic (or not – or full 😉 )

  • janelle says:

    I am so happy to find you; and so pleased you went to all the work to transport your blog. I understand! I really need to learn more about my blog—and all your behind the scenes work no doubt taught you a lot.

    I am all Dutch but 4th generation. My great grandparents on both sides were born in Holland. So I am Dutch but very American and know no Dutch (though now that I am visiting Holland, I am learning all sorts of Dutch words… mostly food;)). AND I married an Italian man, another excuse for me to focus on food.

    Now if we can just figure out how to make our food blog our day job, yes?

    Lovely blog and I hope to be in touch!

  • J says:

    All I can say is watch out Nigella Lawson, Jaime Oliver and Delia Smith. You should make a book of these lovely recipies and stories. I can see it now fitting onto the shelves of the little bookstore on Denneweg amongst the glossy publications about Spanish cuisine, Italian, French and Far Eastern cuisine.


  • mykitchendiaries says:

    Trish, bienvenue à La Haye!

    There is a large French ‘colony’ in den Haag, so I’m sure you’ll find plenty of occasions to practice your French (I’d be happy to help too)!

    You can start by checking out: ‘Le Forum des Hollandais’ ( Many French expats share their experience in the Netherlands on this French speaking forum. They also have very good tips on all the French (-speaking) associations and on everyday life in the Netherlands.

    Bonne chance!


  • Patricia Kelly Passarelli says:


    I now live in Den Haag (moved here from Bruxelles.)

    I am a New Yorker, part Italian and love to cook!

    Thanks for this blog.

    NB: I don’t want to lose my ability to parler francais. Do you know of places and activities to do that?

    Merci beaucoup,

  • The other Mimi says:

    Pas de commentaires, mais juste un petit mot pour souhaiter un joyeux Noel a ma cuisiniere preferee! Gros Bisous ensoleilles de Marrakech.

  • suresh says:

    Jetti and roger are here in san diego visiting and we got to see your website

    they send best regards to you

    i will study your website later


  • Annaïck says:

    Bonjour Myriam!

    Morgane vient de me transmettre l’adresse de ton blog.
    Waouw! Miam!
    Je n’ai pas encore tout exploré mais c’est très alléchant.
    Et bravo pour le travail, la réalisation. C’est bien d’aller jusqu’au bout en tous cas.

    Au plaisir


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