I chose to blog in English… My mothertongue is French but not many of my dutch and international friends are able to understand it. I have now acquired a certain command of the spoken word in Dutch but my writing skills would have discouraged many readers…

Writing in English about food is not as easy as I first thought… words sometime come to me in French… or in Dutch [believe it or not, the first words I learned in dutch where about food… Oh, so many hours spent at my local supermarket reading stickers and figuring out what was what!].

Nevermind! My Dutch/English and French/English dictionaries have now found a convenient place next to my keyboard, and they don’t have time to get dusty anymore.

This page will be an occasion for me to keep an eye on the various translations of ingredients and cooking techniques from French and Dutch to English. And who knows: you might find it useful yourself.
However, I’m afraid I will not be of much help myself when it comes to cooking conversions: pounds, pints and other cups are a mistery to me. Luckily, some others do understand it all. If you need help with my grams and liters, have a look at for quick online conversions

Oh! one more thing, I usually double check before inserting any term, but if you would happen to find a mistake, let me know…

Here it comes:



Vegetables Legumes Groenten

Asparagus Asperge Asperge
Bell pepper Poivron Paprika
Celeriac/celery root Celeri rave Knolselderij
Celery stalks Celeri branche Bleekselderij
Chickpea Pois-chiche Kikkererwten
Fennel Fenouil Venkel
Garlic Ail Knoflook
Jerusalem artichokes Topinambours Aardperen
Mushroom Champignon Paddestoelen
Onion Oignon Ui
Parsnip Panais Pastinak
Peas Pois Erwten
Shallot Echalote Sjalot
Spinach Epinards Spinazie
Tomato Tomate Tomaat
Turnip Navet Knol
Zucchini/Courgette Courgette Courgette


Fish & seafood Poisson & Fruits de mer Vis & Schelpdieren

Clams Palourdes Tapijtschelp
Cod fish Cabillaud Kabeljauw
(salted) cod fish Morue (gezouten) kabeljauw
Herring Hareng Haring
Oysters Huitres Oesters
Salmon Saumon Zalm
Scallop Coquille St Jacques Jacobschelp
Squid Calmar/calamar Inktvis/Calamaris
Tuna Thon Tonijn
Winkles Bigorneaux Alikruk


Meat & Poultry Viandes & Volailles Vlees & gevogelte

Beef Boeuf Rund
Chicken Poulet Kip
Duck Canard Eend
Game Gibier Wild
Guinea fowl Pintade Parelhoen
Lamb Agneau Lam
Pork Porc Varken
Rabbit Lapin Konijn
Turkey Dinde Kalkoen
Veal Veau Kalf
Chicken filet/breast Blanc de poulet Kipfilet
(Smoked) Duck breast Magret de Canard (fume) (Gerookte) Eendeborstfilet
Duck/Goose liver Foie Gras de canard/d’oie Eende-/Ganze- lever
Fillet/Tenderloin Filet Haas
Shoulder Epaule Schouder


Dairy Produits laitiers Melk produkten

Butter Beurre Boter
Buttermilk Petit lait / lait ribot Karnemelk
Cheese Fromage Kaas
Cream Crème Room
Creamcheese Fromage frais
Fromage blanc Kwark
Milk Lait Melk
Whipped cream Crème chantilly Slagroom
Yogurt Yoghurt/Yaourt Yogurt
low-fat 0% de matieres grasses mager
whole entier/entière vol


Fruits and nuts Fruits et noix Vruchten en noten

Almond Amande Amandel
Apple Pomme Appel
Chestnut Marron/chataigne Kastanje
Fig Figue Vijg
Grapes Raisins Druiven
Hazelnut Noisette Hazelnoot
Lemon Citron Citroen
Lime Citron vert Limoen
Melon Melon Meloen
Pear Poire Peer
Plum Prune Pruim
Prune Pruneau Pruim
Raspberry Framboise Framboos
Raisins Raisins secs Rozijnen/krenten
Strawberry Fraise Aardbei
Walnut Noix Walnoot


Herbs & spices Herbes & epices Kruiden & spijs

Aniseed Anis Anijs
Basil Basilic Basilicum
Cardamom Cardamone Kardemom
Chili pepper Piment Chili
Chives Ciboulette Bieslook
Cinnamon Cannelle Kaneel
Cloves Clou de girofle Kruidnagel
Coriander/cilantro Coriandre Koriander
Cum(m)in Cumin komijn
Dill Aneth Dille
Ginger Gingembre Gember
Juniper berries Baies de genièvre Jeneverbessen
Laurel (bay leaves) Laurier Laurier
Lavender Lavande Lavendel
Lemongrass Citronelle Lemongras/Kafir
Mustard Moutarde Mosterd
Parsley Persil Petersilie
Pepper Poivre Pepper
Sage Sauge Salie
Vanilla pod gousse de Vanille Vanille dop


Bread and pastry Pain et patisserie Brood en Gebak

Buckwheat Sarrazin Boekweit
Dough Pate Deeg
Filo pastry Feuilles de filo/brick Filo deeg
Gelatin(e) Gelatine Gelatine
Flaky/Puff pastry Pate feuilletee Bladerdeeg
Honeycake Pain d’epices Ontbijtkoek
Pancake Crèpe Pannenkoek
Shortcrust Pate sablée Zanddeeg
Tart Tarte Taart


Specific cooking vocabulary Vocabulaire culinaire Specifique Specifiek

bake cuire au four baken
to bake blind cuire a blanc
to blanch blanchir blancheren
to blend mixer (au mixeur)
candied confit(e) gekonfijt
to chop emincer
Food processor Mixeur Keuken machine
Handful Poignee
to mince hacher
to mix/stir/toss melanger mengen/roeren
Mold moule
Pinch Pincee Snuifje
to sear/brown saisir
Seeds Pepins Pit
Sprig Brin/branche
to thaw décongeler ontdooien

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  • Karen says:

    Thank you so much. If only I had found your page before I wanted to do my fall canning. In Canada we often use All Spice in our fall cooking and I cannot seem to find it in The Hague and it took me forever to find pickling spice and pickling salt, and gelatin to make jelly and jams. I found the Ekoplaza the most helpful in understanding what I was looking for and providing me with the local variance of the product. There are a few lovely places in Scheveningen as well, including a ridiculously low priced flower shop on Badhuisstraat with lovely employees who help me with the local terms for what I am purchasing every week. Unfortunately, I do not know the shop name.

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