This year, Morocco has been on my mind and in my kitchen a lot.
The lack of sun or a crave for youth memories maybe.


While it’s pouring cats & dogs back home, I feel so lucky to be enjoying a beautiful Indian summer in Morocco, at last.


There’s also no better place for me to share some great news with you… And a taste of my Morocco:

Tomorrow my first article in Dutch will be published in the Dutch culinary and lifestyle magazine Zonder Meer. And it’s all about Morocco.


Zonder Meer Magazine is a tasty and trendy magazine dedicated to people with an eating challenge (allergie or intolerance).

Next to sharing my favorite spots in two of my favorite Moroccan cities, Rabat and Marrakech, I also give some insight on the Moroccan cuisine (one of the best in the world :-) ) and some tips on what to expect when traveling to Morocco with an eating challenge.


To stay in a Moroccan mood, I will also be sharing a taste of my favorite Moroccan dishes during a serie of cooking workshops upon my return. Can’t wait!

Curious? Zonder Meer magazine fall edition is out today – at last! ;-)
To get you in appetite, check out the website of Zonder Meer Magazine for a seasonal menu I’ve put together with three classic Moroccan dishes that will pep up your dining table this fall!

Here’s what’s on the menu:
Zaalouk, a cooked eggplant salad (that also makes a great spread), for starter
A M’Chermel style Chicken tajine with preserved lemon and olives as a main
And for dessert, a refreshing orange salad.

The recipes do not call for gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts or fish.

Of course, the article and recipes are in Dutch but I’ll post the recipes in English in the coming weeks and there will be plenty of occasions for me to share travelling tips on Morocco in English around here ;-).

You can find an overview of my Moroccan recipes on the blog here

* ‘zonder (without) meer (more)’ would probably translates as ‘nothing more’

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One Response to A taste of Morocco… Zonder Meer*!

  1. annasavoie says:

    ohh! Can’t wait to read the recipes in English! Sounds mouthwatering amazing. Beautiful photos too!

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