Finally the new potatoes have made their comeback on the market stalls.
New potatoes are my favorite, with that super thin layer of skin still on. It gives them an almost nutty flavor.

In the Netherlands, I love Opperdoezers with their round tortured shapes (less when I’ve got to peel them) and their firm cream color flesh. The crop is limited since they only grow in a tiny part of the country, close to the village Opperdoes. You’ll find them in the summer months and in early autumn.

Potatoes are an institution around here. A bit like what baguette is to the French. I think I’ll never get use to have them so often. I’m a tough one with Dutchie when it comes to negotiating the appearance of fries on our dining table.

Mind me: I love a good potato from time to time… simply roasted with a handful of herbs and a bit of olive oil, or with plenty of butter/duck fat, a melt in your mouth purée or a good potato salad in the summer.

I’ve had our family potato salad recipe under my sleeve for you guys for over a year already but somehow I couldn’t let it go just yet. Potato salad recipes are a bit like family secrets. Every family has (or should have) one for those warm summer days where there’s nothing else to do but gather with friends and/or family the time of a picknick or a bbq. See what I mean?

It’s hot and sunny outside at last. It’s time. I hope you’ll cherish this recipe as much as we do.

La salade de pommes de terres nouvelles

Our potato salad recipe is one of these without exact measures…

It doesn’t have any mayonnaise. Just a sharp and herby dressing to balance the potato sweetness and nuttiness: olive oil, plenty of finely chopped fresh herbs and spring onions/scallions, a tiny bit of mustard, a bit of cider vinegar and a good slurp of white wine. Coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Use your favorite new potatoes, preferably a bit firm, boiled in their skin until just tender. Leave them to cool just enough not to burn your fingers while peeling them. Then slice them not too thick.

Add the dressing right away, plenty, when the potatoes are still warm so that they get to soak most of it and get that delicious creaminess that makes the best potato salad. Leave it to rest until service. You can serve it slightly warm or cold if you prefer.

Bon appetit and have a great summer!

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  1. Sophie says:

    Je prends la version cuite dans le “duck fat” svp ! ;)

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